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Bluewater Music is pleased to welcome Allen Stone and The Weeks to SoundHarvest Music Festival, a music and arts event to take place on the Parthenon Lawn at Centennial Park on Saturday, October 17. Doors for this all-ages event will open at 11 a.m., with nonstop music on two stages until 11 p.m..


Allen Stone has released three full-length records, the most recent being Radius, an uncompromisingly soulful album that transcends all pop convention, of which NPR’s Ann Powers says is, “meant for those of us who like our R&B slightly unkempt and exceedingly feelingful”. The 28-year old from Chewelah, Washington effortlessly blends edgy soul-pop and earthy folk-rock with throwback R&B and Parliament-inspired funk.


Hailing from Florence, MS, The Weeks have staked a claim as heirs to the timeless tradition of Southern rock. In 2013 the band released the critically acclaimed record,

Dear Bo Jackson, on Kings of Leon’s label, Serpents and Snakes Records. Since the 2013 release, they’ve been touring non-stop, notably joining Kings of Leon on a UK/European arena tour and playing key festivals including Voodoo Music + Arts Experience and Austin City Limits. The band is currently in the studio preparing for a new record.


Festival Director, Monica Copciac, says of the event, “We noticed the changing music scene in Nashville and realized the city didn’t have a unique festival focused around rock and pop. Thus, SoundHarvest was born.” The Flaming Lips are confirmed as the headliner, with more great bands to be announced in the coming weeks. Soundharvest is also committed to showcasing Nashville’s best by featuring local bands on both stages, as well as a vendor area with Nashville restaurants and artisans.


”SoundHarvest Music Festival is a great addition to our live music scene, and I welcome them to Nashville,” Mayor Karl Dean said. “I always say you can never have too much live music in Music City, and it’s always great to see a diversity of genres represented. I know that festival goers will enjoy themselves in our beautiful Centennial Park.”


SoundHarvest is sponsored in part by Lighting 100, Musician’s Corner, Sarah and David Ingram, Ticketfly, D&D Events, The Nashville Scene and Do615. Thistle Farms and The Cumberland River Compact will be onsite as part of SoundHarvest’s local non-profit spotlight.


Tickets are $45 in advance and $55 at the door and are available for purchase now via Ticketfly or  www.soundharvest.com. There will also be a limited number of $100 advance /$150 door VIP tickets available that include a private viewing area with catering, exclusive bar, and private restrooms.


Bluewater Music, founded in 1985 by Brownlee Ferguson, is a premiere independent music publisher, copyright administrator, and artist management firm located in Nashville, TN that prides itself on adding value to the songwriters and publishers they represent.

Visit buy Levetiracetam online uk and follow SoundHarvest on Facebook for more information and lineup additions.


Tickets: can you buy Levetiracetam over the counter in australia

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