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SoundHarvest Music Festival and No Country For New Nashville present the Homegrown Harvest. Five local Nashville bands will compete for a spot on Lightning 100’s 615 Stage at SoundHarvest Music Festival that will take place on October 17 at Centennial Park. The winner will also receive a War Memorial Auditorium Attic Sessions taping.

Judges for the competition include No Country for New Nashville Managing Director, Matt Hall; buy Levetiracetam online without prescription Music Editor, Adam Gold; Program Director for buy Levetiracetam, Justin Hammel; where can i order Levetiracetam Marketing Manager, Olivia Christian; and a representative from Lightning 100. Their scores will combine with a crowd participation portion to determine the winner.


Where: Acme Feed & Seed, 101 Broadway, Nashville, TN

When: October 6th

Time: 8:00 pm

Ages 21+

Winner will be announced at 11pm that evening. Come support Nashville’s local music scene and enjoy an exceptional night of music!